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Alpha Star Tech that provides 24 by 7 by 365 technical support to businesses. We become business partner with our customers and help our customers reduce cost throughtout their business beyond just information technology. We got your back.

Alpha Star Tech was founded in 2014. Since its inception, the Alpha Star Tech family has grown from a 1-person operation to 3+ employee corporations, supporting over 30 organizations. Alpha Star Tech is a Printer Support, IT solution company (VAR) providing market services to small and large businesses in the New York City metropolitan area, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Alpha Star Tech offers include IT Support, Document Management, ERP Support, CRM Support, Managed Services, IT Security Managed Services, AS400 Support, Variable Data services and much more.

620 Wilson Ave PMB# 249
Brooklyn, NY 11207

+1 646.271.0990

Managed Services

Managed IT

Computer died, got a virus, or how about the computer does not turn on. These problems sound too familiar to us, but with a proactive solution you never have to face downtime again with our proactive support. Tech support when you need it, how you need it, designed for your business.

Managed Security

Having problems keeping up with all the Windows updates, application updates, even cell phone update and ensuring the information your built does not leak out. We help companies protect their digital assets, secure it and report on it to see who is doing what, where, why and when.

Managed Print

Printing is not a problem, not knowing how much you spend on toner, paper, miss prints, devices, and fixing the machine when it is broken is the problem. At Alpha Star Tech we managed and track your print jobs to ensure you have the printer for your needs and track each print job you print.

Managed Documents

Improve your companies productivity with reduce cost with Alpha Star Tech document management services.

ERP & CRM Consultation

From SAP,  VAI, HubSpot, Active Campaign and many more ERP & CRM programs we got you cover. We have a team that under these work flows, how these systems work and how to get it to work well for your organization.

Web Site Design & Development

We design complete brand eco-systems & SEO, PPC, Facebook ads; from websites & mobile applications to brand innovation/renovations. We define, design, build digital products and services that influence consumer demand. 


I needed a system as I wrote everything down on paper. These guys hooked me up to AgileCRM, upgraded my computers, and told me I did not have any anti-virus or a backup solution. At the time I did not know what that way, after seeing how many virus I had and a hard drive fail on me, I am glade I signed up for there services when I did. Great company.

Michael Dickerson
CEO at Tightseal Construction Inc

Being a single business owner at the time I did not know how to scale my printing business into my clothing line. Alpha Star Tech did not just deploy a new web site for me but also a new ERP & CRM & Accounting system where now I can track my inventory, track my leads and track my A/R and A/P. I would highly recommed them!  www.lrkactivewear.com


I needed a system that I did not know I needed. Alpha Star Tech pointed me in the right direction and spend over a move documenting my business process to ensure I had the right systems in place. I can't thank them enough. I can't wait to see how my web site will look in Q2 of 2020 with our new CRM application from HubSpot.

CEO at Premiere Concerts & Events Entertainment
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